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Hope, Gratitude and the Supernatural

By Karen Berrios | August 16, 2020

It is difficult to cultivate hope and gratitude when facing difficult situations, especially now with the current events, we are all facing. The ongoing world challenges, financial crises, natural disasters, political agendas and so much more. What if on top of that we are facing cancer? It is hard to imagine to not only deal…

What All Cancer Patients Need to Know About Covid-19

By Karen Berrios | August 11, 2020

This pandemic has sure brought about some lowly emotions hasn’t it? Anxiety, fear, depression… all emotions that vibrate at a low level and don’t serve us whatsoever. Cancer is not for the faint of heart. Covid is not for the faint of heart. And those dealing with cancer or newly in remission from cancer knowing…

Psychology of Cancer Stage 2: Grief and Despair

By Karen Berrios | August 10, 2020

In continuing our series about the psychology of cancer, we went over that there were 14 stages that one goes through on their cancer journey. The first was shock, and the second is Grief and Despair. Let’s go over this second stage. At this point in time, the person can be living in deep grief…

Psychology of Cancer Stage-1: Shock

By Karen Berrios | August 5, 2020

Can we talk openly about the psychology of cancer? There are 14 different documented stages people go through and I can honestly say I resonate with many of them. Each week, I’d like to cover a stage. My hope is that we can foster a discussion around something that matters to so many of us,…

Can We Become Masters of Our Own Healing?

By Karen Berrios | August 3, 2020

I have found my cancer healing journey to be an awakening opportunity to bring restoration and balance to my life. Cancer is clearly a manifestation that something is out of balance and needs correction. Our bodies have been created in perfection and our DNA is composed of supernatural intelligence to order our cells to keep…

Is Fear a Sin?

By Karen Berrios | August 1, 2020

Fear is a normal emotion experienced by humans when facing danger or a situation we intuitively know or feel wrong. Emotions are part of God’s design and these help us collect information to make decisions and take actions. The Bible says we should always guard our eyes, our ears, and our hearts because we will…