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Healthy Living Tips

Does Vitamin D Protect against Covid-19?

By Karen Berrios | January 19, 2021

Amidst Covid numbers rising, people are flocking to do their research on what is going to protect them. What is going to strengthen their immune systems. What will heal them should they contract the virus. A lot of people are talking about Vitamin C and glutathione (which we need) but one simple Vitamin that many…

The Best Oils To Keep In Your Kitchen

By Karen Berrios | January 12, 2021

There’s a big chance you have at least one oil in your house that you cook with, or use in dressings. Sometimes even baking! (Have you tried olive oil cake? YUM!) Oils are a consistent staple in so many people’s diets- mine included! So it’s important to know which oils are the best for baking.…

January Thyroid Awareness Month 2021

By Karen Berrios | January 8, 2021

This month is so personal and precious to me. I am a thyroid cancer survivor and I have seen in my life first hand just how many people are affected by a thyroid disease. To be able to be in a position to shed some light on this topic is precious to me because I…

Why You Should Stay Away From Aspartame

By Karen Berrios | January 5, 2021

Aspartame is a popular low calorie sweetener. It is all over in breads, gum, sodas, yogurts, candies… just to name a few! Many companies and corporations do their best to make us feel safe when consuming aspartame but the reality is that it is not good for us. It is beyond me why it is…

Emotional Wellness Goals for 2021 and How to Reach Them!

By Karen Berrios | December 30, 2020

I wrote a post on my physical health goals, but I think emotional wellness is even MORE important. Why have the body right when the mind isn’t? I know it is easier said than done. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I first did everything I could to heal my body. Diet. Exercise. Treatments. Routines.…

Health Goals for 2021

By Karen Berrios | December 29, 2020

I find New Year’s resolutions to be incredibly motivating. A new year is a blank slate. It’s a chance to prove to ourselves that we can exist in a way that fills us up, that makes us healthier and happier people. While there are personal relationship goals and monetary goals and family goals… I believe…