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Foods To Avoid If You Have Thyroid Cancer

By Karen Berrios | November 19, 2020

Every person is going to be so different when it comes to dietary needs. Your vitamin levels are different from mine, your life experiences, where you are origins lie, etc. One diet from the next should not be identical. However, there are definitely some overlaps when it comes to certain circumstances. What should work for…

What Herbs Help Thyroid Cancer

By Karen Berrios | November 18, 2020

As someone who healed her thyroid cancer naturally, you can’t tell me that plants aren’t potent enough to move the needle when it comes to health and disease. Today we are talking herbs, which I define as small plants with a green stem. They have leaves, seeds, maybe even flowers- and are multi-use. Could be…

The Benefits of Dry Brushing

By Karen Berrios | November 17, 2020

I absolutely love to dry brush. I find it to be such a sweet act of self-care, a way to connect my mind and body and, not to mention, I feel amazing after I dry brush. I believe it is a practice that all cancer patients and survivors should implement multiple times a week. I…

Can Thyroid Cancer Be Reversed?

By Karen Berrios | November 13, 2020

Thyroid cancer is so scary, so big. And while the mountain seems unclimbable, I know you can get over it. I know you can find yourself in the valley of healing. Can thyroid cancer be reversed? I believe so. I want you to know that what you have on your plate is going to have…

Do Beets Fight Cancer?

By Karen Berrios | October 29, 2020

Beets are so amazing to me. They have a sweet taste yet they are low in calories and rich, very rich, in nutrients. Make no mistake about it- beets are towards the very top of my anti-cancer armory. I find beets to be oxygenating for the blood and also great for DNA repair- which people…

Juice Vs. Smoothies: A Look At The Benefits

By Karen Berrios | October 21, 2020

One quick look at the recipes on my blog and shop website and you will see I am a fan of both smoothies AND juices. I do consume both but if I had to choose one, I would pick juicing. Some people favor juices and some people favor smoothies! I thought it would be interesting…