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Cancer Thrivers

May 25th World Thyroid Day

By Karen Berrios | May 25, 2021

This day is so important to me because, as you may know, in 2014 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and it rocked my whole world. I was so unaware of the thyroid back then and never gave it much thought. The thyroid holds so much power and affects so much in the body. Today,…

Steve Rubin of The (Other) C-Word on “Remaining Resilient Through Cancer” Inspiring – Interview

By Karen Berrios | October 22, 2020

I want you to meet Steve Rubin. This man has an incredible story. He was diagnosed with an aggressive bone cancer four years ago at the young age of 30. He had been healthy his entire life and it seemed that cancer came out of nowhere. His journey has taken him through chemotherapy, many surgeries,…